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Understand, design and refind using lean practices

I helped early-stage companies design, refine, and launch their products using Lean practices, design thinking, and agile delivery methodology

I have deep expertise in application development, DevOps, cloud technology, product innovation & design, and payments.

I am a veteran with a lean approach and a wide business-domain knowledge and a specific focus on financial services, insurance and media.

Change has always been a constant, but now that change is often disruptive..

Businesses in every industry are engaged in a war of relevance. Responding to this challenge requires a unique combination of creative and structured thinking- and a thorough understanding of technology’s growing role in the modern organization.

I have collected experience spans many industries and companies of all sizes. I am an avid fan of technology but even bigger fan of solving business problems. An understanding of the difference between an idea and a solution is just one of the things that sets us apart.

Build the right product & get results

I help clients create new digital products and services by focusing on outcomes. I accelerate your product lifecycle and innovation process by running strategy workshops, designing & testing experiences with users, and writing code alongside developers.

My Services

I help clients transform their business with strategic consulting and technical execution services. I work with your IT organization, product groups, and innovation teams to design and deliver on your technical priorities.

Product Innovation

Innovative product design services based on Lean, Design, Thinking, Agile development methodologies.


Strategic decisions that will increase your ability to deliver applications and services at high velocity with a global perspective.


Expert development capabilities for mobile and web. Application and API design, management, security, infrastructure and middleware.


Public, private, and hybrid cloud expertise to help you get the most out of our infrastructure.


Advisory, architecture, and technical implementation services for traditional and emerging payments.


Framing your projects and helping you write papers and patents to protect your business and ensure its sustainability.

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My core values are more than just words on a page; they define the way I do things and the kind of people I am..

Julien Kernec'h


Entrepreneur in love with new technologies and obsessed about delivering tailored advices with a lean approach.

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